Everything in life is a gamble.   Don't regret the chance not taken.

This is the maxim of The Player, a professional gambler who rarely loses, usually breaks even and often wins big. He is the perfect paladin of the 21st century - always in the game - always gets the girl - and is always willing to risk it all.

Fate and luck in many ways determine the course of The Player's life, but it is in the bets placed, the risks taken, the choices made, where he becomes a man in control of his own destiny. His is a life filled with casino bosses, call girls, college kids, mafia dons, bag ladies, fortunetellers, thieves, kings, queens and movie stars. His is a destiny only a gambler could have.
THE PLAYER, Life is a Gamble is a fun read, to say the least. Author Robert Ross aka Robert Haukoos, has written a "flash" fiction mini-series that reads in a flash, especially since you can't put the book down. But, while you're moving quickly from story to story, you often WILL put the book down, close your eyes, lean back in your comfortable chair and day-dream about the player--the character--and how your life relates, on whatever plane, to his. After you're done you'll "flash" back, recall and analyse many things in the light of this revealing and intuitive book; in the eyes of the player!