David Orson Welles (D.W.) is supposedly a distant relative of the great filmmaker Orson Welles and believes he is destined for greatness in Hollywood. His business partner, Primo Salerno is a charismatic jack-of-all-trades and ladies' man whose dream of becoming a small-time Mafiosi has passed him by.

D.W. and his wife Kara are desperate to get pregnant after many years of failed attempts. Their Beverly Hills Doctor-to-the-Stars suggests D.W. cross the border into Mexico to buy discount infertility drugs. D.W. and Primo run into trouble with heroin smuggler Manuel, the King of Tijuana. They also meet Angel, an extraordinary 14-year old girl who has been forced into prostitution. D.W. and Primo rescue Angel, infuriating Manuel, and are forced to hide out in a small mountain village where ancient fertility rituals are still practiced.

Kara becomes increasingly concerned and frustrated about D.W.'s whereabouts. D.W.'s agent Big Mike and aging over-the-hill film star, Del Sterling, are readying a remake of "the greatest film of all time" but are about to sack D.W. from the director's chair because he has disappeared again.

Everything is on the line and that line is the border.

They must get across the border.

From the red-carpet glamour of Hollywood, to the dangerous border badlands of Mexico, D.W. and Primo discover there is more than one Tijuana Baby, and not all will survive.
Author Robert Haukoos is an accomplished television advertising writer/producer. He wrote the story treatment for the CBS television movie Getting Gotti. Under the pen name Robert Ross, he wrote a collection of flash fiction titled: The Player: Life is a GambleTijuana Baby is his first novel.
"Tijuana Baby is a love story, a buddy movie and a crime thriller all rolled into one fast-paced ride!" - O.C. Hooper

The leader of the gang, a tall scraggly man with missing teeth, a scar on his face and junkie eyes waved his knife in Primo‘s face. The three other men surrounded them.

“Take off your clothes. Now,” the leader commanded. 

The two Americans stripped down to their underwear.

The men snatched the articles of clothing from them as they came off. They rifled through the pockets taking everything; money, credit cards, passport, watches and belts—laughing and arguing over the booty. They split up the money but two of the men both wanted Primo‘s shoes. The bigger man punched the smaller man in the face and ripped the shoes from his hands. The other two men laughed at the scuffle.

D.W. and Primo stood in their underwear shivering, not from the cold but from the warm air that dried the sweat on their bodies and the uncontrollable motor motions caused by a brain overloading, preparing for an unfathomable event.

“Cut them,” one of the men said in Spanish.

“Kill them,” another said.

The feeling D.W. had when the plane was going down spread through his insides like a volcanic river. He could feel the burning in his veins, blood and bones. Then, an empty numbness as he anticipated the physical pain that would cause him to disappear into the blackness.

"A breakthrough debut novel. Dark, dangerous and disturbing." - Emma Russell
"... a page turner...heart pounding...Angel's story is a dark and disturbing tribute to the rest of the 'Angels' and will leave you breathless, humble and wanting more." --Gabriella Hoffman, Eva's Garden

"...plenty of unexpected twists and dark turns...Tijuana Baby is one road trip you'll be glad you took and one you will never forget!"--Gary Yambor, Author of An Easy Score.

"...an absolute page-turner...only in the end do you learn who the true Tijuana Baby is."--Heather Christena Schmidt, Writer, Blogger & Misanthrope.

"Tijuana Baby is a provocative crime story without all the usual clichés and pat ending. It's original, powerful and unforgettable." - Dave Schneider  

"Every so often a novel comes along that has a story and a heart and soul.  Tijuana Baby is one of those books." - Laura Truss

"A breakthrough debut novel.  Dark, dangerous and disturbing." - Emma Russell 

What a ride! I love the juxtaposition of Hollywood v. Tijuana - great stuff! ~James Corwin